DFG Reaches a Total of 500,000 $DOT allocated to the Efinity Crowdloans

DFG Official
2 min readDec 13, 2021

With the Polkadot Parachain Auctions closing down on the last slot in the first batch. DFG has decided to double down on its previously crowdloan allocation of 200,000 $DOT by increasing its contribution with an additional 300,000 $DOT.

By increasing the total crowdloan contribution to 500,000 $DOT, DFG reaffirms its commitment to support the Efitnity team in its mission to create a high-quality NFT and metaverse built on the most promising protocol, currently developing its foundation of solutions through parachain allocation.

James Wo, DFG Founder and CEO, shared his thoughts on why the investment firm is steadfast in its support to Efinity.

“We are convinced that achieving a slot in the first batch of Parachain Auctions is highly valuable due to the immediate onboarding and first-mover advantage that these five top-level teams and projects will have. They will be able to begin active testing and execution of their solutions.

In this specific case, we are witnessing the metaverse and NFT sectors of the industry enter in overdrive mode and grow exponentially with the continuous increase of adoption. We are firm believers that it is extremely early, and we are just grasping the reality of how technological innovation and advancements such as the ones developed in the metaverse and NFTs will really affect our lives in the next decades.

We are also convinced that Efinity and Enjin are the teams that will push innovation until reaching paradigm shifts that have not been considered yet.”