DFG’s ETHDenver 2024 Recap & Insights: 2024 will be a significant year for Ethereum

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6 min readMar 19, 2024


Author: James Wo, Founder & CEO, Digital Finance Group

DFG sponsored and attended ETHDenver 2024, an event that lived up to expectations by attracting a diverse and enthusiastic crowd from the crypto and blockchain community. In recent years, DFG has strategically invested in various protocols, infrastructures, and ecosystems, with a strong focus on the well-established Ethereum ecosystem.

As the world’s largest and longest-running Ethereum event, ETHDenver 2024 featured over 500 industry speakers, welcomed more than 200 blockchain/Web3 companies, and united over 600 team members and staff in a vibrant community. The event covered discussions on decentralized AI infrastructure, the significance of ERC-4337 in Account Abstraction, advancements in on-chain identity, updates on Layer 2 solutions, and a growing interest in Web3 gaming.

Key Highlights

Key highlights from ETHDenver 2024 include the buzz around AI x Web3 projects, a renewed emphasis on Web3 gaming and social, the growth of Account Abstraction, and advancements in Layer 2 solutions that improve privacy, scalability, and interoperability.

Blockchain x AI

A recurring theme throughout ETHDenver 2024 was the intersection of AI and blockchain technology, with discussions focusing on using blockchain to verify the integrity of AI models and leveraging decentralized networks for more accessible and affordable processing. ETHDenver 2024 showcased various cutting-edge projects at the intersection of AI and crypto, highlighting the burgeoning synergy between these two technological fields. The event brought to the fore discussions on decentralized AI infrastructure, with solutions proposed for overcoming AI processing hardware shortages and costs through decentralized networks. This approach aims to make AI processing more accessible and affordable, indicating a push towards leveraging blockchain technology for AI applications.

GrowthCon at ETHDenver 2024 focused on how Social and AI are driving crypto mass adoption, featuring keynotes and panels on challenges and opportunities in the Web3 landscape, including AI, Public Goods, Data Interoperability, and Web3 Social.

These projects and discussions underscore the growing integration of AI with blockchain technology, indicating a significant trend toward developing decentralized, secure, and efficient AI applications that could revolutionize both the crypto space and AI development. The event’s focus on innovative solutions to current technological challenges highlights the crypto community’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with blockchain and AI.

Web3 Gaming & Social

ETHDenver 2024 also spotlighted innovative projects through its BUIDLathon, where winners were selected for contributions across several tracks, including Identity + Privacy + Security, and DeFi + NFTs + Gaming. Notable projects included HoneyPause, which focuses on empowering white hats to address security vulnerabilities, and Egg Wars, a gaming project where players compete using blockchain-based assets. Another winner, ODIN, aims to enhance decentralized applications’ security by enabling them to pause smart contracts in anticipation of malicious transactions.

Another highlight from ETHDenver was the emphasis on Account Abstraction, Layer 2 updates, on-chain identity evolution, and the resurgence of Web3 gaming. The event witnessed discussions around ERC-4337, advancements in on-chain encryption for privacy in smart contracts, and AI-powered interactive experiences based on verifiable on-chain data.

ETHDenver 2024 demonstrated the dynamic fusion of gaming and blockchain technology, with projects like Aavegotchi allowing players to stake NFT avatars in an immersive world, showcasing the potential for novel and engaging user experiences within the Web3 space.

During ETHDenver 2024, Web3 social topics were prominently featured, with projects and discussions focusing on decentralized AI infrastructure, on-chain identity, and Web3 gaming. Innovations in on-chain encryption and privacy in smart contracts were also highlighted, alongside the importance of interoperability for Web3 data protocols. Projects like Aavegotchi, Cellula, and Chibi Clash demonstrated the fusion of gaming and blockchain technology, showcasing new ways to engage with digital assets and communities.

Bitcoin L2s

At ETHDenver 2024, Bitcoin’s presence was notable, particularly through discussions on Bitcoin Layer 2 solutions (L2s). Projects developing Bitcoin L2s shared their vision for building a comprehensive ecosystem of Bitcoin applications. ETHDenver 2024 showcased the growing interest and developments in Bitcoin L2s, indicating a significant step towards enhancing Bitcoin’s scalability and utility. The conference served as a platform for builders and developers to explore and engage with Bitcoin L2s, contributing to a renewed enthusiasm for Bitcoin’s potential in the decentralized economy.

DFG’s Events

As a sponsor of ETHDenver 2024, DFG had the chance to participate in the main conference and valuable side events, connecting with numerous individuals in the industry. On February 28, I was invited by our portfolio ZKM to join a panel at the House of ZK, where we shared our strategies and best practices for building high-performance teams.

On February 29, as a sponsor of ZetaChain’s Omnichain Day, DFG had the pleasant opportunity to engage with visitors at our booth. I was delighted to share my insights on interoperability and our investment thesis.

It was a pleasure speaking at the main event on March 1 and discussing our investment strategy. We plan to deploy much more capital this year.

On the night of March 2, DFG teamed up with portfolio companies Subsquid and ChainSafe to co-host an infra & cocktails event. The evening was filled with networking, music, and good vibes. Dmitry from Subsquid, Greg from ChainSafe, and I exchanged thoughts on infrastructure, scalability, and data availability, while Shiv from PoolData skillfully moderated our panel discussion. The atmosphere was cozy and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Till Next Year, ETHDenver!

ETHDenver 2024 united visionaries, developers, and enthusiasts to delve into the forefront of technology and innovation in the blockchain and crypto sphere. The event not only showcased cutting-edge advancements but also underscored fundamental principles such as sustainability, inclusivity, and democratization within the industry. I’m excited about this fusion of technology and innovation at ETHDenver 2024 which hints at a bright future for the blockchain and crypto landscape. The event unveiled the latest blockchain and crypto technologies, setting the groundwork for future development and collaboration in the field. DFG remains committed to supporting the Ethereum ecosystem and investing further in protocols and infrastructures as key elements in fostering growth within the blockchain ecosystem.

About DFG

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Investments include Circle, Ledger, Coinlist, FV Bank, Astar, ChainSafe, and over 100 more. DFG intends to create value, through analytical research, based on the most impactful and promising global blockchain and Web 3.0 projects that will bring a paradigm shift to the world.

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