DFG’s TOKEN2049 Dubai Recap & Insights: Dubai remains the hub of innovation for crypto

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5 min readMay 1, 2024


Author: James Wo, Founder & CEO, Digital Finance Group

It was inspiring to see everyone persisting in their efforts to empower the industry despite the natural disaster. TOKEN2049 Dubai 2024 set the stage for extensive discussions and showcases in the crypto and Web3 sectors. With over 500 industry speakers and participation from more than 200 blockchain and Web3 companies, the conference fostered in-depth discussions covering various topics such as decentralized AI infrastructure, restaking, and the latest developments in Web3 gaming.

Despite the unexpected floods, being able to attend and meet everyone at the events was truly a blessing, especially considering the inconvenience faced by all attending TOKEN2049 Dubai. This experience brought us closer together and made us appreciate the value of in-person meetups and conversations. At TOKEN2049 Dubai, DFG co-organized two side events with Coinstore and Jsquare and actively participated in panels against all odds.

Key Highlights


Discussions at the TOKEN2049 event in Dubai revolved around the convergence of Web3 services, DePIN, and AI, showcasing their potential to revolutionize internet experiences. These conversations underscored the increasing role of AI in decentralized networks, particularly in improving the efficiency and accessibility of services across various sectors.

One of the main focuses was on how decentralized GPU cloud computing, a crucial segment of DePIN, can support AI’s demanding computational needs. One of our portfolio companies Render Network highlighted the essential role of decentralized GPU rendering in the Web3 ecosystem. Render Network’s strategy aims to democratize GPU rendering by utilizing a decentralized marketplace, enabling artists and developers to tap into idle GPU compute power globally. This infrastructure supports demanding rendering tasks for AI and blockchain applications, creating an intersection of technologies that enhance creative possibilities and computational efficiency in the digital landscape.

Furthermore, the integration of AI with blockchain and DePIN is seen as a transformative step toward more efficient, scalable, and secure systems, fostering the growth of a decentralized and democratized technological landscape.


At TOKEN2049 in Dubai, discussions and trends centered around innovative approaches to staking in the blockchain ecosystem. Restaking emerged as a strategy to boost yield and network security by enabling participants to utilize their staked assets for additional yield-generating activities without unstaking. This approach enhances capital efficiency and reinforces blockchain network security by fostering sustained and robust engagement in validation processes.

The event underscored the importance of restaking as a mechanism to boost decentralization and user engagement in blockchain systems. Presentations and panels discussed the technical and economic implications of restaking, emphasizing its potential to provide more flexibility for stakers and increase overall liquidity in the crypto markets.

Restaking is increasingly recognized as a pivotal development in the staking landscape, with implications for network stability and staker rewards. It stands out as a key area of interest and advancement within the broader blockchain and cryptocurrency industries.


During TOKEN2049 Dubai, discussions and trends in Web3 gaming highlighted the evolution and future of blockchain-based gaming environments. The event showcased innovative projects that integrate gaming with decentralized technologies to enhance player engagement and asset ownership.

A noteworthy aspect was the Web3 gaming infrastructure. Its development of cross-chain functionality allows assets and data to move seamlessly across different blockchain platforms, which enhances the user experience by broadening the utility and relevance of in-game assets and progress. As blockchain networks can suffer from slow transaction speeds and high fees, scalability solutions like Layer 2 protocols are crucial. These technologies help manage the load by processing transactions off the main blockchain, ensuring faster and cheaper in-game actions.

DFG’s Events

DFG had the opportunity to join two Coinstore side events with Jsquare on April 17th and 19th. Our swag was given out at Coinstore Premiere Brand Conference.

I was glad to have participated in the panel at Finding the Future Alpha on the 19th, where we discussed finding the next public chain unicorn. It was a fantastic discussion with everyone sharing diverse perspectives.

Our Executive Director Terry Culver also took part in a panel at Hack Seasons on the 17th. He shared valuable insights into investment opportunities, regulation, and privacy. A special thanks to Metaverse Post for making it happen despite the busy day!


TOKEN2049 in Dubai was a dynamic event that effectively united various stakeholders from the Web3 and blockchain communities. It provided attendees with an active platform for networking, exchanging ideas, and exploring potential collaborations. Beyond focusing on technological aspects, TOKEN2049 also delved into broader impacts on industry practices and the global digital economy, showcasing its importance as a key player in the evolving blockchain ecosystem. DFG remains firm in our belief in the potential of protocols and infrastructure, eager to witness how they will adapt to emerging narratives. We look forward to meeting you at the next TOKEN2049 in Singapore!

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