FTX and DFG Agree on the Acquisition of LedgerX Fueling DFG’s Commitment to Web3.0 and Polkadot

Aug 31st. 2021. FTX, a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, has officially announced that it will acquire LedgerX, the first digital currency futures/options exchange and clearinghouse regulated by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

Digital Finance Group (DFG) had the vision that the cryptocurrency derivatives sector was about to become mature and in need of regulation to achieve a larger market share which is why DFG became the largest equity holder of LedgerX (over 25%). In May 2017, DFG led the Series B round and its extension followed by Miami International Holdings, while also leading the December 2019 Series C. Other notable investors such as Lightspeed Venture Partners, Google Ventures, SV Angel, were also involved in LedgerX funding rounds.

DFG has been actively investing in a variety of Web 3.0 projects and Polkadot ecosystem, empowering their growth that will cause a paradigm shift. According to DFG’s future investment strategy, it will re-invest the profit gained from investing LedgerX into Polkadot ecosystem and more Web 3.0 projects as stated in the portfolio.



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