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“NFT” is no longer an unacquainted term for those either in the blockchain industry or out of it. These Non-Fungible Tokens are unique and irreplaceable. They are digital assets in various forms, artworks, in-game items, videos, music, even profile pictures, that you can buy and sell as any other piece of property. Despite some doubtful NFT projects focused on performing rug-pulls, the consensus of value capturing among NFTs gradually gathers cohesion.

One of the use cases where NFTs can make a positive impact is to solve the problem of copyright issues. Most of us have, deliberately or not, get our hands on pirate copies of videos, music, games, all those digital artworks, and products. Since the digital property is distributed virtually, the copyright information can easily get lost along the way. Although it was so effortless to get access to these intellectual properties and it does amuse us a lot, especially with all the free lunches, simultaneous feast and famine are encountered: the creators lose unimaginable return for their time and hard work, as well as those that pay with integrity for what they get. NFTs can become the key to solving the problem of traceability and ownership; moreover, NFTs can form a special link between creators and consumers, who later grow into loyal collectors.

In the first decades of the 21st century, people have been creating personal networks on the Internet. We have social media platforms from Myspace to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and so on, to manage our own networks and create our own influence among friends, followers, subscribers. These platforms gave creative people an audience they did not previously have. We are excited to share a new top-notch platform in the space, Starly, for creators and their followers to build strong communities around gamified NFT collections created by artists and influencers, and traded amongst their fans and retail collectors. They can meet each other on Starly through the launchpad and marketplace for NFT collections bringing creators and collectors together.

Starly aims to provide a platform for everyone and anyone to participate in and to provide creators with various tools to seamlessly monetize their content communities through NFTfied interactions. Different creators with devoted communities are given step-by-step directions by Starly to generate their collections; they will be able to have complete creative control over their collections. More importantly, creating NFTs on Starly is free. Creators can also schedule a drop date and set prices for their artwork. Once the date is set, they can build up anticipation in the communities and promote upcoming NFT collections to the market. After the initial sale ends, creators receive 70% (subject of change) of the sale; moreover, creators also receive 5% lifetime royalty from secondary sales on the platform.

For NFT enthusiasts, Starly has created a unique and standardized approach to the creators and collections. They are directed to the storefronts of their favorite creators through Starly, and then they get offered various options of getting involved, waiting for fresh drops, trading artistic collections on the secondary market with other collectors, and more. Fans can purchase brand new packs from creators’ collections on Starly. These packs are sold in three rarity classes: common, rare, and legendary. Currently, 21 cards are included in each collection, of which 11 commons, 6 rare, and 4 legendary exist respectively. Then buyers will go from purchasing the packs to opening them; the pack opening is a unique experience, tailored for excitement and entertainment. Discovering cards, serial numbers, and easter eggs is intended to capitalize on the sense of scarcity, ownership, and heart-pounding excitement to receive an extra special piece of their favorite artists.

Once buyers are done with opening, they get to know every parameter about what they have purchased, especially the respective serial numbers of cards which are the core of what determines a card’s value. Additionally, as for all collectors’ old habits, they will try to complete a set of collections by buying the ones that they are missing through the secondary market. When they manage to achieve the milestone of completion, collectors get rewarded by creators on Starly. This way, the interaction between creators and collectors will be a prime driver for engagement amongst them on Starly. Last but not least, creating and minting NFTs on Starly is currently free of gas fees. After all, who’s willing to pay double or triple what they practically pay for the NFTs in fees?

Since Starly’s main mission is to offer everyone easy access to tools for creating fascinating and monetizable NFTs out of the creative minds and the content from the communities around them. For incentive purposes, the $STARLY token is designed so that all participants are incentivized to interact with each other on Starly: if they succeed in collecting all common, rare, and legendary cards of the same collection, they are rewarded in $STARLY tokens. The $STARLY token is the native token of the Starly universe, and staking is its primary utility. Staking rewards are different depending on the amount of the staked $STARLY tokens. There are three staking tiers: Silver, Gold, and Platinum memberships. Each tier grants early access to drops earning unique badges that provide the owner an exclusive set list of benefits, with more to be revealed in the future. In addition, Starly will perform initial token burns for the first two years of its operation and will perform a quarterly profit burn on a decreasing scale until the completion of all eight quarters.

Starly is designed and built for NFT communities to strengthen the link connecting creators and collectors so that creators can not only further expand their creativity to the next level but also form multi-tiered economies around their fans and communities. Like how Web2.0 has empowered social networks to build communities, Starly intends to turn these NFT communities into robust economies centered around NFTs. Get on board to keep up. Starly, where creators and collectors meet to reach the stars.




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An Investment Firm Empowering Blockchain & Web 3.0.

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